'Boston and Beyond' Art Exhibition

'Boston and Beyond' Art Exhibition

Graham Timbrell

Monday 29th April10.00am 
Tuesday 30th April10.00am 
Wednesday 1st May10.00am 
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Wednesday 29th May10.00am 
Thursday 30th May10.00am 
Friday 31st May10.00am 
Saturday 1st June10.00am 

FOC - Open 10am-4pm, Mon-Sat

After Art College, Graham took up a teaching post in London, before heading out to the glorious skies of Lincolnshire and its landscapes. Here, he has been teaching watercolour classes for many years, and recently rediscovered his love of oil painting!

For his 'Boston and Beyond' Exhibition, Graham has included works of Boston, Stamford, Lincoln, flowers from Kew, India and Saturn parked in Yosemite Park.

The exhibition will be displayed in the Blackfriars foyer from 29th April until 31st May, so please come in and take a look.

Blackfriars undoubtedly plays a very important role as Boston's centre for entertainment and the arts. It is home to two very successful local amateur dramatic and operatic groups, as well as hosting a varied program of professional stage productions.