Janice Charles Wright Art Exhibition

Janice Charles Wright Art Exhibition

Wednesday 19th February10.00am  
Thursday 20th February10.00am  
Friday 21st February10.00am  
Saturday 22nd February10.00am  
Monday 24th February10.00am  
Tuesday 25th February10.00am  
Wednesday 26th February10.00am  
Thursday 27th February10.00am  
Friday 28th February10.00am  
Saturday 29th February10.00am  

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Janice Charles Wright was born and lived near Salisbury for many years and her love of the nearby New Forest provided the inspiration for many of her early paintings. She originally studies with Monica Coleman, a well-renowned and accomplished artist who lived in Ringwood and painted innumerable Forest scenes.

For some years, because of pressure of work, Janice took a break from painting. She moved to Lincolnshire, some twenty years ago and has now recently renewed her artistic endeavours. To refresh and extend her knowledge further she has been tutored by Lincolnshire-based artists, Bridget Jones and Emma Van Spyk.

Whilst completing most of her work in water colour she also delights in using oils, dependent upon the subject matter. She paints in her garden studio and also en plein air, with her pictures featuring an eclectic mix of subjects. However the overriding reason for her completing any painting is her love of nature in all its forms.

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