Blackfriars Theatre go online with their first full performance on YouTube

Tuesday 8th September

Blackfriars Theatre took a leap last Sunday when it premiered its first online performance. The Last Night of the Lockdown Proms.

With the help of Trevor Fenton, Deborah Haynes and Kirton Brass Band, this years Last Night of the Proms show many not have happened on Stage but we were still able to bring you a fabulous 40 minutes of music and entertaiment in your own home with our first YouTube and Facebook Premier! 

Trevor and Deborah selflessly offered their time to record this fabulous 40 minute show in Trevors garden with the help of backing tracks created by Kirton Brass Band then he put it all together to create this masterpiece of your proms classics including 'We'll Meet Again', Rule Britannia' and 'White Cliffs of Dover' to name but a few. 

Their support for Blackfriars at this difficult time is overwhelming and we cannot express how grateful we are to them for doing this. 

We also want to thank those of you who joined us for the premier on Sunday night and for your generosity with all of the donations that have come in so far. 

But it is not too late - there is still time to watch the show on YouTube or Facebook and we are always grateful for any donations that people can spare. 

This is a difficult time for Blackfriars Theatre as Social Distancing requirements mean that we cannot at the moment open our auditorium to live performances so our Theatre income has been almost completely depleted!  We have already had to make our inhouse technician redundant and our other staff have been furloughed which has been a huge help, but now that scheme is coming to an end and the original grant we received from the council has all but run out now more than ever we need your help to ensure we remain viable. We are still deperately trying to raise the funds to have an air conditioning and now air filtration system put into the Auditorium and this is even more important now so that when we can open we are fully Covid-19 safe. We will do everything we possibly can to ensure theatre remains live in Boston - but we need your support. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for all your continued support - we hope you enjoy the show! 

Watch the Video here -


Blackfriars undoubtedly plays a very important role as Boston's centre for entertainment and the arts. It is home to two very successful local amateur dramatic and operatic groups, as well as hosting a varied program of professional stage productions.