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Adults £11, Concessions £10**, Group Booking Offer available contact Box Office for details**

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**Prices are inclusive of the 50p per seat Refurbishment Levy

Cutwater Production’s latest play, ‘Anthem’, is a poignant new drama set during WWI.  Uniquely, its action swaps between the 1960s and the 1910s, as retired teacher Isobel Thompson reflects on a life which has spanned the whole of the twentieth century so far.  Detailing the significant moments of her life in a rural East Midlands community, the drama unfolds to reveal her heartfelt memories of brothers leaving home for the dangers of warfare, which nonetheless brings the possibilities of realising their talents, and her own struggle to achieve her potential at home.  The play examines attitudes to the war which had enormous effects on rural families, the position of women during a time of unprecedented social change and the unlikely friendships that can be created by the turmoil of warfare. Isobel’s small village and family are mirrors for the emotional and social upheavals experienced by small communities all over the UK, more so than in any other conflict.

Three Faces of Isobel Thompson

Three local actresses are set to play the same person in Cutwater Productions forthcoming play Anthem: 9th - 12th November, at Blackfriars Theatre, Boston.

The story, which spans six decades, is told through the eyes of Isobel, as she is being interviewed in 1968, looking back at the years before WW1. She recounts the effect that this conflict had on her, her two brothers, her family and the local community.

The 17 strong cast bring the story to life; prepare to laugh out loud at the antics of the women left behind and the gallows humour of the men on the front line, as well as to weep at the poignancy of the story.

Blackfriars Theatre is run predominately by volunteers. The full voluntary Refurbishment levy plus gift aid, if applicable, will create a special fund to help maintain and refurbish the towns precious traditional little Theatre. This fund will also allow us to seek 'match funding' opportunities to enhance your theatre experience.

Please note: Following the latest government announcement - Mask Wearing is now compulsory in Blackfriars Theatre. All productions will be managed in a Covid Secure way, more information on what that entails can be found on our Blackfriars Covid 19 Guidance page which can be found under the Booking Tab at the top of our website. Thank you for your support and understanding. We hope you enjoy the show and encourage others to help Keep Theatre Live in Boston.

Blackfriars undoubtedly plays a very important role as Boston's centre for entertainment and the arts. It is home to two very successful local amateur dramatic and operatic groups, as well as hosting a varied program of professional stage productions.