Boston Book Festival 2021

Boston Book Festival 2021

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Covid 19 Declaration - This show will be run subject to our guidance and restrictions. Please email Box Office if you have any questions.

Visit the Boston Book festival between 17th and 19th September being held at 3 local venues:- 

Blackfriars Theatre and Arts Centre,  Boston Guildhall,  Fydell House and Boston Library.

Authors Attending:- 

Michael Morpurgo - Benjamin Zephaniah - Joy Ellis - Karen Maitland - Richard Daniels - Milly Johnson - Tim Atkinson - Nick Fitton - James Nicol - Jane Cable and many more...


Check each event carefully for location and times before booking. 

Author Date and Time  Venue Price  
Milly Johnson Fr 17th Sept 7pm Revue Bar, Blackfriars £12-50 BOOK NOW
Richard Daniels Fri 17th Sept 7pm Garden Room, Fydell House £6-50 BOOK NOW
Nick Louth Sat 18th Sept 10am & 11.30am  Garden Room, Fydell House £6-50 BOOK NOW
Trudey Martin Sat 18th Sept 10am & 11.30am American Room, Fydell House £6-50 BOOK NOWBOOK NOW
Nick Fitton Sat 18th Sept 10.30am  Library, Fydell House £6-50 BOOK NOW
Warwick and Sav Sat 18th Sept 10.30 am  Boston Library, County Hall £3-00 BOOK NOW
Joy Ellis and Janice Frost Sat 18th Sept 1.30pm & 3pm Garden Room, Fydell House £6-50 BOOK NOW
James Nicol Sat 18th Sept 1.30pm & 3pm Room 2, Fydell House £3-00 BOOK NOWBOOK NOW
Nick Fitton Sat 18th Sept 2pm Boston Library, County Hall £2-00 BOOK NOW
Tim Atkinson Sat 18th Sept 2pm Library, Fydell House £6-50 BOOK NOW
Karen Maitland Sat 18th September 2pm American Room, Fydell House £12-50 BOOK NOW
Benjamin Zephaniah Saturday 18th September 7.30pm Blackfriars Theatre £12-50 BOOK NOW
Gavin Extance Sunday 19th September 10am Garden Room, Fydell House £3-00 BOOK NOW
Jane Cable Sunday 19th September 10am Library, Fydell House £6-50 BOOK NOW
Aisha Busby Sunday 19th September 10.30am Room 2, Fydell House £3-00 BOOK NOW
Michael Morpurgo Sunday 19th September 2 pm Blackfriars Theatre £12-50 BOOK NOW

Additional events over the weekend:- 

Sunday 19th September - 10.30am - 3pm        Boston Guildhall     
Come and meet authors, illustrator and publishers. They will be able to answer questions about getting started in writing. self-publishing, illustrating, how to get your facts right etc as well as selling some of their works. Contributors so far are: Warwick and Sav Sav – books for children ; Claire Ladds – Crime and dark fiction ; Terry Martin –The House of Murky Depths – publishing and writing; Stuart Gibbon – How to get the facts right on police procedures; Also a true crime writer himself. Tracey Wilson Scott Townsend – writer, artist, adventurer; Mike Cartwright – 17th century crime writer. Self – published; Lucy Dillamore – illustrator and writer for children; Wish you were here – writers group; Matt Barnes – Dark urban fantasy.
Waterstones Boston will be providing a book stall over the weekend.  

For more information about each Author and their event visit

Blackfriars Theatre is run predominately by volunteers. The full voluntary Refurbishment levy plus gift aid, if applicable, will create a special fund to help maintain and refurbish the towns precious traditional little Theatre. This fund will also allow us to seek 'match funding' opportunities to enhance your theatre experience.

Please note: Following the latest government announcement - Mask Wearing is now compulsory in Blackfriars Theatre. All productions will be managed in a Covid Secure way, more information on what that entails can be found on our Blackfriars Covid 19 Guidance page which can be found under the Booking Tab at the top of our website. Thank you for your support and understanding. We hope you enjoy the show and encourage others to help Keep Theatre Live in Boston.

Blackfriars undoubtedly plays a very important role as Boston's centre for entertainment and the arts. It is home to two very successful local amateur dramatic and operatic groups, as well as hosting a varied program of professional stage productions.