David S Brown Art Exhibition

David S Brown Art Exhibition

FOC - Open 10am-4pm, Mon-Sat

David Brown is a local artist who studied Graphic Fine Art at the University of East London. His primary area of focus is the injustice and brutality of the everyday.

In this exhibition he explores the feeling of staring back into the eyes of another sentient being, recognising them as an individual, and acknowledging their pain and existence. He has chosen to share the stories of individuals on their way to slaughter for this, whom he believes deserve to be remembered and recognised. Due to the subject matter explored in this exhibition David has chosen to sign all the pieces in the form of a livestock ID number instead of his own name, so as not to detract focus from the individuals who matter.

25% of all profits from sales go to either Lincoln Animal Rights or Hillside Animal Sanctuary, depending on the buyer's choice.

Free entry!

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