BOS Musical Theatre Group

Adults £14.00, Concessions £12.00, Family Ticket £45.00

Many, many years ago in a far away kingdom known as Snoozing, a sprinkle of stardust fell from the sky and landed on a herb in the garden of an old witch, deep in a forest. Through the night, the plant harnessed the magic of the dust and became enchanted, and the following morning, whilst tending her garden, the witch discovered the leaves of the plant glowing and glittering and sensed its magic. Tentatively, she bit into a small piece of the plant and was immediately and miraculously transformed from an elderly crone into a young, beautiful woman. Suddenly, the witch realised she had been given the means to live a life of eternal youth and beauty for as long as she wished.

A century or two went by uneventfully, then one day a young girl arrived in the witch’s garden; she was lost, tired and hungry. She saw the leaves of the enchanted herb glimmering in the afternoon sunshine, and ravenously consumed the entire plant. The witch was horrified and outraged, and in a fit of anger, fired a vicious curse from her wand at the child. But the child was left unharmed, unaffected by the spell, and at that moment the witch noticed the girl’s hair glowing and glittering. The plant’s magic had passed into her, and the witch recognised she had no choice but to keep the child so as to continue to harness the power that preserved her looks and her life.

At the heart of the forest, close to her cottage, the witch summoned up a tall, magical tower and imprisoned the girl inside. As the months passed, the witch became fonder of the girl and decided to tell her that she was her Aunt, justifying her imprisonment in the tower by explaining that she had been entrusted to keep the child safe from all evil in the world. When the girl told her she couldn’t remember her own name, the witch answered without any thought – ‘You were named after a sweet, fragrant salad herb and you are called Rapunzel.’

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