'Food For Thought'

'Food For Thought'

South Lincolnshire Spring Exhibition

FOC - Opening Hours 10am - 4pm Mon - Sat

Artists were invited to be creative with the title, 'Food For Thought', and the link to their work and had to have submissions into the Visual Arts Committee by the 28th February. 

The exhibition, “Food for Thought”, aims to reflect aspects of Blackfriars, it’s function and its history.  The Gallery, once part of a Dominican Friary, was the site of a Refectory where Friars met, prepared and consumed their food, and no doubt discussed topics of the day.  It was an area of creativity, both spiritual and domestic, as well as a hub which nourished mind and body.

We have got 11 local artists involved in this event and they are:- 
Lind Anso, Leszek Dabrowski, Wendy Dabrowski, Adrian Fordham, Sue Gavey, John Gray, Geraldine Jones, Nigel Jones, Lynn Lovitt, Mike Lovitt and Helen Webber.
Pop in to Blackfriars between the 31st March and 2nd May to see the works from these artists.
Foyer Opening hours - Monday - Sat 10am - 4pm.

Blackfriars undoubtedly plays a very important role as Boston's centre for entertainment and the arts. It is home to two very successful local amateur dramatic and operatic groups, as well as hosting a varied program of professional stage productions.