Maybe Dick

Maybe Dick

Hambledon Productions
Saturday 24th February at 7.30pm

Tickets £14.50


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A New Parody of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick

Written and Performed by John Hewer
Directed by Bruce Knight

Herman Melville's classic tale of revenge and retribution is retold in this inventive, comic retelling on the high seas from the team behind Dracula! One Bloody Fang After Another.

Nantucket, 1841. Ishmael signs on to the Pequod, and witnesses the perils of nature, obsession, punning and physical comedy, as Captain Ahab conducts a reckless pursuit of the savage white whale, Moby Dick.  

All plot will be lampooned. All jokes will be harpooned. 

“The production came about a bit haphazardly,” jokes John, the writer and sole performer of this spoof on the epic tale. “I was looking for a new writing project, I love whales, and I was the recent recipient of an impressive pirate ship set!” The show brought together the creative team of Hambledon Productions’ pre-pandemic hit Dracula! One Bloody Fang After Another. “The success of Dracula, which we toured nationwide, showed there was a strong audience for, how can I put it, “re-interpreting classic texts, with a British sense of humour”. I’m very fortunate to have the same talented folk around me again, and the show has ended up being more ambitious, sillier, but hopefully, just as impressive and fun.”

Do you need to have read or seen Moby Dick? “I do, you don’t!,” jokes John. “The story-telling comes second to joke-telling, even though we’ve managed to stay pretty faithful to the book and the original characters.”  

Maybe Dick premiers in John’s home county of Lincolnshire, before embarking on a nationwide tour. 

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