Enchanted - Unveiling the Magic

Enchanted - Unveiling the Magic

Amethyst Productions
Saturday 2nd March at 7.00pm

Adults £15, Under 16's £12


* Disabled seating available please call Box Office on 01205 363108

Enchanted – Unveiling the magic

Experience the mesmerising fusion of magic, showmanship, and mind reading with Amethyst Magic’s extraordinary production, Enchanted.

Master magicians Danny Hunt and Stephanie Clarke invite you on an extraordinary journey showcasing the captivating wonders of magic from a bygone era.

Prepare to have your senses stirred as these forgotten classics of magic are presented in a truly enchanting way, perfectly tailored for the 21st century audience.

With Danny and Stephanie’s dynamic stage presence and lightning-fast performances, audiences will be captivated from the very beginning until the final curtain falls. Witness breathtaking displays of magic, where reality bends at their fingertips, and be astounded by their unparalleled sleight of hand.

But that's not all - brace yourself for mind-blowing demonstrations of mentalism which will leave you questioning the limits of the human mind.

And the magic doesn't stop there. As a valued member of the audience, you will have the incredible opportunity to actively participate in an interactive live magic trick, right from the comfort of your seat. Prepare to be amazed as the boundaries between reality and illusion blur, and you become an integral part of the enchantment unfolding before your eyes.

We eagerly await your presence at Enchanted, where you will be transported into a world filled with magic, mystery, and wonder.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure that will leave you spellbound.


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Thank you for your support and understanding. We hope you enjoy the show and encourage others to help Keep Theatre Live in Boston.

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